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I’m going to hell

aladdin get off that train your father is alive

he’s alive and very very handsome

are we just going to ignore the hand that is coming out of Flynn Rider’s crotch

oh jesus christ jfdshklgdsgs

omfg ahfkdl;js

Wired what was someone thinking made made laugh though 

Swag that I don’t have! I can dream cant I

Swag that I don’t have! I can dream cant I

This is the answer to everything in life

This is the answer to everything in life

Reblog if you do not obsess over One Direction






Please. I can’t be the only one.

And I wanna follow you.

followed everyone so far

I obsess over Tom Hiddleston is that okay

omg you guys, the notes

Something that makes me happy after a long day>
“[after Pee Wee passes out]
Cowboy #1: What’s your name?
Pee-wee: I can’t remember.
Cowboy #2: Where are you from?
Pee-wee: I can’t remember.
Cowboy #1: Can you remember anything?
Pee-wee: I remember… the Alamo.
[Texans cheer]
Simone: I know you’re right, Pee-wee, but…
Pee-wee: But what? Everyone I know has a big “But…? C’mon, Simone, let’s talk about *your* big “But”
Pee-wee: I’m here to see Francis!
Butler: Francis is busy.
Pee-wee: Busy doing what?
Butler: He’s having his bath.
Pee-wee: Oh, really?
Pee-wee: Where are they hosing him down?
Pee-wee: I know you are, but what am I?
Pee-wee: Aren’t we gonna see the basement?
Tina: [laughs] There’s no basement at the Alamo!
Pee-wee Herman: [as hotel desk clerk; in deep voice] Paging Mr. Herman! Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk!”
— Pewee’s Big Adventure most memorable quotes
Weaseling out of things is important to learn! It’s what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel…
Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life

Brady Bunch Theme